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Vanilla Coffee Flavour 250mL

Dress your your everyday coffee up with anything-but-boring vanilla.  20mL is all you need to take your drink from basic to bespoke.  Enjoy it over ice mixed with your milk of choice or for a refreshing treat.  

250mL Makes 12 Drinks

Customer Reviews

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A little is all it takes

Love putting a spoon of this in my coffee when I need a pick me up, it adds a little bit of extra flavour and sweetness. So good 😊

Moana Prictor
LOVE the flavour but.....

Absolutely love the flavour of the Vanilla syrup in my coffee. But unfortunately I had trouble opening the last couple of bottles that I bought. You couldn't twist the top off properly, in fact the whole black stuff pulled off. Then it still wasn't very easy to twist off the top to put it back on the bottle


Thanks Quarterpast online store.

Rebecca M
Amazing flavour

I love this product and brand as a whole. Difficult to get hold of but with Amazon, this is no issue. Taste is a 10/10.

Almost subtle vanilla taste, but you know it's there!

Having used a lot of Q's salted caramel product I decided to try this. It makes milk taste 'warm' and creamy, so I think it goes quite well into a cup of tea at night. I also think it goes well in a smoothie or milkshake (I make mine with tropical fruits and kefir, so it rounds off some sharp flavours)I am writing my review as I make my 4th order.